Sunny California Hemp

Kern County’s 1st Commercially-Licensed Hemp Grower

Our Process

Filling trays with custom planting mix.

Making a hole for the seed, known as dibbling mix.

Loading the vacuum seeder.

Our Strains

Our feminized, high-CBD hemp averages 92% germination, 4.5 to 5.5 feet plant height and a minimum 9-15% CBD.

Painted Lady

Flavor profiles of lemongrass and citrus with diesel/gas undertones. 9-15% CBD.

Eighty Eight

Earthy notes give this plant its flavor with a sweet, honey-like citrus aroma. 9-15% CBD.

Cherry Blossom

Extremely floral smothered in exotic overtones of candied raspberries and acai berries. 14-18% CBD.

How We Grow

Ecologically Farmed

With four generations of successful farming in the San Joaquin Valley, ECO Hemp of California is committed to progressive farming practices that meet and exceed industry standards. Drip irrigation, crop rotation and pest protection without pollutants are part and parcel of sustainable farming. Employee wellbeing is equally important to our operations, with health screenings, year-round employment and profit sharing options that support our healthy business ecosystem.

Commercially Produced

As the first licensed commercial grower in Kern County, California, we specialize in cultivating superior quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp plants. Grown outdoors in sunny California, we harvest plants with a high CBD/low THC profile intended for use in clinical-grade, broad-spectrum CBD wellness, pharmaceutical and other high-quality products.

Organically Grown

From seed to harvest, our hemp is grown on our own farmland using organic practices. We start with superior genetics with highly potent feminized seeds, selecting type III and IV hemp qualified varieties. Non-GMO, zero chemical contaminants, and geographic protection from cross-pollination all help to ensure our hemp biomass is consistent in quality, purity and potency.

Latest from the Fields

Seedlings planted June 20th for October 2019 harvest.

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